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...a film by Apo Torosyan

“Voices” premiered in his native city of Istanbul, Turkey and the Peabody artist and filmmaker couldn’t be happier.

 “I am so proud,” coming a half a breath close to tears. “I never thought it would happen.”

... Apo Torosyan, April 12, 2007




 “Voices” is built around four interviews with survivors of the Armenian and Greek genocide, a span of nine years from 1915 to 1923 when a million and a half people were murdered, tortured, starved and deported by the Turkish government. 

Many historians call what happened to the Armenian people the first genocide of the 20th century — a mass killing that occurred before the term genocide was even coined. And there are plenty of eye-witness accounts, photographs and documents to support their story.


Thoughts about Apo Torosyan’s documentary “Voices”
By Ragip Zarakolu
April, 2007 Istanbul, Turkey

... Denial is a continuation
of the Genocide within our souls.more






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