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...a film by Apo Torosyan

“If the world had reacted to the Genocide of Armenians, Hitler would have been reluctant to go out and kill Jews in a wholesale fashion.”
        Robert Morgenthau, D.A.



The Morgenthau Story

U.S.  Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, Sr. From 1913 to 1916, Henry Morgenthau served as U.S. Ambassador in Constantinople (today Istanbul in Turkey).  During the Armenian Genocide, which started in April 1915, he appealed to the Turkish Ottoman leaders to stop the killings, without success.  He quit his post in 1916, and returned to the United States.  From the reports he received and forwarded to the U.S. Government, there are over 30,000 documents still existing in the Library of Congress.   He was also the Chair of the Greek Resettlement Commission under the League of Nations in 1923.  He ended up with great success with this post, resettling 1,250,000 displaced immigrants in Greece.


     Smyrna burning - 1922


Armenian bodies



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